Assertiveness, Confrontation, Self-defense, Support

In an atmosphere of support, students learn to de-escalate or escape potentially violent situations through boundary assertion skills and physical defenses against various types of physical and sexual assaults. Class format includes discussions, physical training, and information about support services.

Workshops: We offer self-defense and empowerment workshops to accommodate specific groups and community organizations.

Instructors: Kathleen Garrity, director/teacher of the Ithaca Karate Harmony with Nature School, has been teaching Women’s Self Defense and Empowerment at Cornell University, her karate school, and for community organizations for over twenty-five years. She teaches the “Power of Respect” as a way to break the cycle of violence,

Ms. Robbie Sanders is a third degree black belt in karate and a self-defense instructor. She was a public school teacher for forty years.

Together, Kathleen Garrity and Robbie Sanders bring fifty years of women’s self-defense training experience to this class.

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